If you are attending the 2016 Anzac Day commemoration service at Gallipoli, make sure you register to receive helpful information and tips on what to expect and important updates closer to the service.

Your registration will also assist the event organisers to provide the required infrastructure, traffic arrangements, onsite medical assistance, security personnel and food vendors for the service.

All Australians travelling to Turkey should also register on the Smartraveller website at www.smartraveller.gov.au.

All visitors are strongly encouraged to read the travel advisories for Turkey and secure comprehensive travel insurance prior to their departure from Australia.

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Commemorations at Gallipoli

Attending Anzac Day commemorations at Gallipoli is a once in a lifetime experience, but can be challenging even for young, fit and experienced travellers.  Before deciding to attend the commemorations, it is important that you know what conditions to expect at Gallipoli.

The commemorations are held in the Gallipoli Campaign Historical Site, a national park which has no permanent infrastructure or shelter.  Visitors are exposed to the elements for up to 24 hours (including overnight) and must prepare for all weather conditions. It can be very hot during the day and bitterly cold overnight.

A moderate level of fitness is required as visitors can expect to walk several kilometers over the 24-25 April period, on paved roads, uneven gravel paths, sloped and steep ground, climb stairs and be required to stand for long periods at times, including in queues for security screening and to use the amenities.

Limited and very basic facilities including portable toilets, lighting and non-drinking water are brought into the sites for the commemorations.

Seating is available in tiered stands and on grassed areas, is not allocated, and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Seating can not be reserved and large groups may not be able to sit together.

Conditions of Entry apply to all visitors to the commemorations. 
The Australian Government or Turkish authorities may, for safety and security reasons, refuse entry to any visitor if the commemorative site is nearing, or has reached, maximum capacity. 

When the Anzac Day Dawn Service has concluded and visitors have departed, the Anzac Commemorative Sites will be open to all visitors.

More information on what to expect at Gallipoli and how to prepare for attending the Anzac Day commemorations is available under the Commemorations, Memorials and War Graves section of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs website at www.dva.gov.au.


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